“HOW DO I SEE YOU” is a collaborative project between DokuFest and Slobodna Zona festivals, aiming to establish a connection between the youth of Kosovo and Serbia through an educational and comprehensive program.

Targeting young people aged 18-25, the project will contain 6 camps where intercultural ideas and opinions will be exchanged alongside media education, with a focus on finding common goals and expressing personal views through interviews with their peers. To curb hate speech and create an inclusive environment among youth from Kosovo and Serbia, DokuFest and Slobodna Zona have teamed up to implement the EU-funded “HOW DO I SEE YOU?” action. Drawing on their
expertise in using audio-visual works for educational purposes and social change, both organizations will leverage thought-provoking documentaries to engage youth in discussions on inequality, human rights, and democratic values.

The ambitious “HOW DO I SEE YOU?” action aims to increase youth mobility and exchange, empowering them as conscious citizens capable of addressing societal obstacles. Meeting each other is essential to knowing each other, or else, in this scary age of fake news, we will succumb to hate speech as a norm in both of our societies. To avoid all this, both partners have developed a comprehensive exchange program designed as a camp for intercultural research, exchange of ideas, and media literacy workshops.

The participants will reflect on their experiences and perspectives, culminating in curated interviews expressing their views on their peers from the other country.
Utilizing their existing infrastructure, the project partners will organize 6 exchange camps, evenly distributed between Kosovo and Serbia. Collaborating with CSOs, Institutions, and Media Outlets, they will transfer knowledge to youth, enabling them to produce content. Each camp will accommodate 100-120 participants over a period of seven days in Kosovo and ten days in Serbia, featuring workshops, discussions, meetings with cultural practitioners, and visits to cultural sites. On the last day, participants will produce two-minute videos reflecting on their perceptions before and after the camp.

Throughout the project implementation, the staff will collect press clippings reporting events in each country. These materials will be curated into an exhibition showcased at festivals in Prizren and Belgrade annually.
Additionally, the project aims to develop a joint online platform to share at least 100 two-minute stories and media reports.

This grant is funded by the European Union and implemented by DokuFest and Foundation Fund B92