Program Archive

Program Archive

DokuFest’s Film Guides are developed to support educators to achieve a wide range of effective learning outcome in their use of film. Film Guides are developed as a free resource to educators to utilize and to provide students the opportunity for meaningful engagement with the extraordinary medium of film. It also includes activities to use in the classroom after the film screening.

These materials are developed for a use by Cinema Clubs of High Schools. Each guide has extended and elaborated references in the Methodical Manual produced by DokuFest. The manuals are translated into local languages and they can be accessed by educators who teach in AlbanianBosnianSerbian and Turkish.

Film Guides provide a flexible model that can be tailored to the social and academic needs of a pupil, and/or school setting. If you are an educator and want to set up a Film Club in your school please contact

Film Guides

This program has been funded by NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY