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We are pleased to announce the reopening of our cinema DokuKino. The Cinema will reopen on January 4, 2021 with regular screenings of documentary films distributed in Kosovo by DokuFest and with regular educational screenings of films commissioned by the WHY Foundation from Denmark.

All film screenings are free of charge.


MONDAY – January 4, 2021
18:00 Short documentary ‘YLLKA’ – in presence of the filmmaker Vlera Dani
The film screening also marks the World Braille Day, to raise awareness of the importance of Braille as a means of communication in the full realization of the human rights for blind and partially sighted people.

TUESDAY – January 5, 2021
18:00 Short documentary ‘SANS LE KOSOVO’ – by Dea Gjinovci
In 1968, Asllan Gjinovci is a student of physics at the University of Pristina. After his involvement in student protests that Yugoslavia, he is forced to flee the country. His escape away from home keeps him inexorably away from his family and homeland for more than thirty years.

WEDNESDAY – January 6, 2021
18:00 Feature Documentary ‘HONEYLAND’ by Tamara Kotevska & Ljubomir Stefanov
The last female bee-hunter in Europe must save the bees and return the natural balance in Honeyland, when a family of nomadic beekeepers invade her land and threaten her livelihood. A North Macedonian film, first documentary to receive Oscar nomination in two categories.

THURSDAY – January 7, 2021
18:00 Short Documentary ‘STACIONI’ in presence of the filmmaker Leart Rama
High mountains on both sides of it and a small boat in the middle that destroys the silence in this small hidden and forgotten part of Earth. Something starts to move.

FRIDAY – January 8, 2021
18:00 Documentary ‘MUMBAI DISCONNECTED’ by Camilla Nielsson & Frederik Jacobi
From the World Stories of WHY Foundation: Three people share their views on transportation, congestion, over-population, and bureaucracy in Mumbai, India.

SATURDAY – January 9, 2021
18:00 Feature Documentary ‘COLD CASE HAMMERSKJOLD’ by Mads Brügger
Danish director Mads Brügger and Swedish private investigator Göran Bjorkdahl are trying to solve the mysterious death of Dag Hammarskjöld. As their investigation closes in, they discover a crime with even farther reaching consequences.

SUNDAY – January 10, 2021
18:00 ‘THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE’ by Iryna Tsilyk
To cope with the daily trauma of living in a war-zone, Anna and her children make a film together about their life in the most surreal surroundings.

MONDAY – January 11, 2021
18:00 ‘UNDER THE SUN’ by Vitaly Mansky
Shot over a year under strict government control, this film reveals the conflicted life of a young girl chosen to join North Korea’s Children’s Union.

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