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The Digital Media Clubs in the Champion Schools in seven municipalities of Kosovo, during February and March have concluded with 18 intensive training sessions for students on digital media, interview techniques, photography skills and data collection for school magazine. 

The training for Videographers focused on development of skills to interview, and exercises included peer-to-peer support, where each student had the opportunity to film the interview, but also be an interviewer and the respondent.  The Photographers training included photo-practices indoor, outdoor, portraits and photographing details. The group training included sessions on how to approach data-collection and classification when creating School Magazine. DokuFest team also trained students on using video editing software such as DaVinci and encouraged students to develop digital versions of the School Magazine.

Newly established Digital Media Club receiving Videography and Interview techniques training from DokuFest staff

In total, 18 trainings for approximately 270 students in seven Municipalities received basic training to incorporate digital media as a learning tool, and to create content that can simplify abstract lessons or videos that can facilitate the student learning process through a medium that is visual, clear and understandable for them. 

The activities of this project will raise student’s awareness and increase their active participation on tackling issues of inclusion, bullying, discrimination and active citizenship by improving critical and analytical thinking, stir creativity and empower them to efficiently communicate in the diverse media landscape.

Interview in Session – School ‘Pavarësia’ in village Siboc, Podujeva Municipality

The Directorate of Education from Prizren municipality decided to contribute to this program that was originally designed and commenced through the support of the German Development Cooperation. Their contribution included provision of equipment to Schools in the rural areas of the Prizren municipality like Krajk, Planeje and Mushnikove. The Digital Media Clubs are now established in these schools as well, allowing the DokuFest team to conduct initial training and guidance on digital communication so students catch up with the rest of the Digital Media Clubs.

The most important event that took place during this period took place in the beginning of March, when 150 students from Prizren, Shtime and Gjakove municipalities visited offices of Gjirafa Video, Kosovo’s most advanced technology and innovation company to learn about the digital industry. The visit inspired the students and allowed them to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Gravity Law Video

The training sessions inspired students to create learning content, and Digital Media Club of School ‘Zekeria Rexha’ in Gjakova produced this video for use in the classes of Physics.

Digital Media Clubs have been established with the support of the German Development Cooperation and co-financing of Prizren Municipality for three schools in Prizren region

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