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A new project with the support of the German Development Cooperation has created 20 Digital Media Clubs in Champion Schools of seven municipalities of Kosovo. Project aims to raise student’s awareness and active participation on tackling issues of inclusion, bullying, discrimination and active citizenship by improving critical and analytical thinking, stir creativity and empower them to efficiently communicate in the diverse media landscape.

Project will specifically teach students about digital media in an enjoyable environment where students have the creativity to imagine, create & produce digital media stories, newsreels, school magazines with limitless possibilities. Students will learn how to operate digital media tools for audiovisual production, desktop publishing and learn to work together in a group.

The Digital Media Clubs will:
• increase the quality of education through formal, nonformal, and extracurricular activities
• introduce interactive learning methods through visual arts
• support students’ participation in school decision making and creation of school friendly environments
• promote equality and diversity
• encourage student’s creativity, logical, analytical, and critical thinking
• develop students technical and social skills

First sessions included trainings of students in Photography, Video Production, School Magazine and Use of Social Media.

Photo and Desktop Publishing training in Media Club “Ibrahim Fehmiu” – Prizren

The first training for teachers included the modules of Psychology of Media, Photography, Video and Social Media Trainings.

Project introduction by Eroll Bilibani
Psychology of Media by Kaltrina Kelmendi
Photography by Samir Karahoda
Film as Media by Veton Nurkollari
Social Media by Valon Canhasi

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