"STORIES WE TELL": Art, Youth, and Social Change!

“Stories We Tell” is an ambitious project designed to unite communities through the powerful mediums of art and storytelling.

With the participation of 18 young individuals from different communities in Kosovo, DokuFest embarked on a week-long exploration to discover how art could be used to bring to light the untold, often troubling stories that linger in the minds of our youth. From Prizren to Prishtina, this workshop took us on a transformative journey where the participants witnessed first-hand the intersection of art, storytelling, and activism, digging into discussions about the project, art, and sharing social messages creatively.

Delving into other activities the participants learned about the rich cultural heritage of Kosovo, as well as modern forms of expression such as animation and video art. Moreover, visits to organizations like Fondacioni17 and Kosovo 2.0 provided
insights into alternative approaches to journalism and community engagement, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of storytelling with the intent to effect social change and amplify marginalized voices. Visits that highlighted the transformative power of creativity in building a peaceful and sustainable community allowed the participants to explore the role of art and culture while fostering inclusivity in post-conflict regions.

During this week the participants had the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and share their stories. In a one-on-one interview, they answered four questions, in which we noticed the diversity, challenges, and similarities they all share regardless of their ethnicity, gender, and upbringing. Overall, the Stories We Tell’’ project underscored the crucial need for cultural enrichment and youth empowerment using art and storytelling as a way to foster empathy, and understanding and unify diverse communities.

By amplifying marginalized voices and shedding light on untold narratives, the project aims to furthermore inspire positive social change and promote a more united society in Kosovo and beyond.