The past two Saturdays, in our pursuit, to apply innovative teaching methods in Kosovo’s schools for better educational outcomes in raising social awareness amongst youth, we successfully completed our ‘School and Documentaries’ workshop. The teachers, both those participating as trainees and facilitators, were the ones that truly wrought the success of this workshop. A module focusing on self-sufficiency which allows for teachers to teach other teachers, with barely any intervention by outside agencies.

The training sessions which involved both practical and theoretical approaches on developing discussion points, creating structured worksheets, proper usage of our digital library etc., on documentary implementation in their curriculum, was led by teachers who previously were participants of the workshops. The teachers who now work as trainees of the workshops, were selected to do so after proving to have successfully applied what was taught in the workshops with their class, subsequent of DokuFest supervision. 

A total of 33 teachers out of an ample 55 applicants were selected to attend the workshops. We were glad to witness that they came from a number of different cities throughout Kosova such as Vushtrri, Ferizaj, Gjilan, Kacanik, Klinë, Obiliq,  Prizren, Prishtinë, Gjakovë, Malishevë, and this time even Tirana. As well as a diverse pool of educational backgrounds such as, Albanian Literature, English, German, Italian language, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Civic Education, Figurative Art, Economic Subjects, Medical Subjects and Geography.

This time around the project brought about new partners that were also present during the workshops. After the successful implementation of the project with our Montenegrin partners, ‘Underhill Fest’, Podgorica, we have now continued our partnership with ’Korca Short Film Festival’, where the same module will be carried out - exchange and trainings between Kosova and Albanian teachers, on documentary implementation and structuring of a facilitator’s guide, expanding free access to our ‘Teacher’s Digital Library’ which offers over 170 short documentaries.

In concluding the teacher training for this month, we look forward to our next, this time around, with a focus on media literacy, namely on preventing radicalization through media, in partnership with OSCE Mission in Kosovo.