Film Clubs

Film Clubs

What are Film Clubs?

Through DokuFest Film Clubs educators have the chance to provide students with the opportunity for meaningful engagement with film. This includes access to DokuFest’s archive of films specially selected for educational purposes, together with accompanying resources elaborated in Methodical Manual and Film Guides.

Film Clubs are designed as extracurricular activity and are managed by students under the supervision of the educators. The aim of the Film Clubs is to raise awareness on the issues related to human rights and the development of a democratic society.

These Clubs enable students to concretize abstract topics of human rights, develop interpersonal, intercultural and societal relations, understanding and respect for differences among citizens, tolerance and respect for others. The established cinema clubs in the schools have greatly contributed to deepening democracy education through documentary films, reflected clearly in increased active citizenship and participation in initiatives for social and cultural integration.

Cinema Club Activities from DokuFest on Vimeo.

Why run a Film club?

Running a Film Club is beneficial for both educators and students, and has been proven to foster social development, as well as improving inter-personal relationships between educators and students. These clubs provide a safe space for young people to grow, flourish and gain confidence as well as creating a sense of unity across age ranges, social classes and ethnicities through a shared appreciation of film.

DokuFest’s Film Clubs:

Gjimnazi “Jeta e Re” Suharekë

Gjimnazi “Loyola” Prizren

Shkolla e Kompetencave Malishevë

Gjimnazi “Hajdar Dushi” Gjakovë

Shkolla teknike “Nexhmedin Nixha” Gjakove

Gjimnazi “Sami Frasheri” Prishtinë

Gjimnazi “Abdyl Frasheri” Malishevë

Shkolla fillore e lartë “Abdyl Frasheri” Prizren

Shkolla fillore e lartë “Skenderbeu” Sallagrazhdë

Shkolla fillore e lartë “Zef Lush Marku” Velezhë Prizren

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