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Using film in the classroom has multiple benefits. Apart from developing critical thinking and encouraging unconventional perspectives through critical discussions of historical events, it also fosters creation of independent forums for discussion and exchange of ideas.

Following tremendous success in establishing one of the most unique Volunteer movements in Kosovo that supports the smooth organization of International Documentary and Short Film Festival ‘DokuFest’ and empowering youth in production of seven creative documentaries, organizing hundreds of screenings in the schools all over Kosovo and empowering teachers to effectively use documentary film in the classroom the ‘Film & Factual Media’ project is approaching closure.  

Screening of ‘DEBRIS‘ in village Bellobrad

During February the project team facilitated three screenings for 62 students. Through the screenings of the films that were produced by DokuFest’s Documentary Film Production Center, the critical discussion touched upon environmental protection, the recycling process, cyber crimes and how to build resilience in responding to cyberbullying.

The teachers that participated in the training sessions organized by DokuLab team, enriched the Teacher’s Digital Library with new film guides that are now available to all teachers nationwide. These educational materials will support them in achievement of a wide range of effective learning outcomes in their use of extraordinary medium of film. 

Safe Internet Day
Cyber Attacks and how to respond
“Hajdar Dushi” High School in Gjakova – post screening discussion

In February, we marked the Safe Internet Day – building resilience to Cyber Attacks at “Hajdar Dushi” High School in Gjakova. DokuLab team was invited to present a film for the Technology class of teacher Litvane Spahija. She facilitated the post screening discussion by providing examples of cyberattacks globally, the causes of the attacks, the consequences and protection methods from such attacks, and the students shared examples of their personal experiences regarding cyber bullying.

The environmental program included screening of the documentary film ‘Debris’ produced through DokuFest Regional Creative Documentary Film School ‘ACTive’

DokuFest, in collaboration with Directorates of Education in Gjakova, Prizren and Gjilan organized information sessions for teachers of the High Schools on the benefits of the inclusion of audio-visual tools in the classroom. The crucial training planned to take place towards the end of March got postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and will take place once the situation is normalized.

Presentation of the educational training program of DokuFest, in collaboration with the Directorate of Education, Gjakova Municipality and teachers Jeta Rexha and Arbnesha Kusari

This grant is funded by the project ‘Luxembourg support for Civil Society in Kosovo’, financed by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).

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